When thinking about the body part that's most important to your physical performance, the ACL is #1. Unfortunately, getting high quality rehab for your ACL can be a little trickier than you might think. There a lot of physical therapy clinics out there that specialize in "everything," but the fact is that no one can specialize in "everything." You need an ACL Specialist to ensure you're able to get back to peak physical performance.

The other issue with going to these clinics that specialize in "everything" is the time spent with (Or lack of time) the DPT. In order to maximize profits, these clinics have the DPT come and check in on you for maybe 10-15 minutes and then pass the actual rehab session off to a physical therapy aide for the other 45 minutes. Do you want a high school or college student handling the most important part of your rehabilitation on the most ligament in your body? Probably not, right?


▪️ACL rehab specialist in Ventura county

▪️Full 60 minute sessions 1-on-1 with an experienced clinician

▪️Movement Analysis Expert

▪️Regain the confidence in your body and how you know it can move


ACL Specialty Rehab

ACL Rehab

Get the rehab game plan built by an ACL specialist to get you back to peak performance and back with your teammates faster than with the other guys.

Movement Optimization

Movement Optimization

Get your body mechanics analyzed by our team, so your rehab not only speeds along more quickly, but so your movements can potentially become more explosive than they were pre-injury.

Movement Mechanic Correction

ACL injuries often happen because of poor lower body movement mechanics. We'll assess your mechanics to help retrain how you move correctly and give you the best chance of not re-injuring your ACL.